Urgent Prayer needed: A land in upheaval, a closing door.

Dear friends,

A team of 9 is scheduled to leave Seattle at 9:10 PM February 17th, Sunday night. We are almost packed and ready to go.  Our plan is to climb the mountains into the remote Kawo hamlet where our school building stands, updating children’s information and do some construction work


Last Sunday Pastor Louinet asked if we could change our tickets for another time, as the entire country is having many demonstrations, tire burning, rock throwing riots, and some have even been killed. It’s all due to the discontent with President Jovinel Moise, whom they want to step down. It has gotten so bad that the airport has been closed, all schools in the entire country are closed, public transportation is shut down, and the Haitian dollar has fallen 15% more to an all-time low making things extremely expensive in the country.  Everyone has been told to buy food and stay in their houses.

I then contacted several American friends in Haiti and have been told the same things.  One of our friends who picks us up at the airport can’t even drive out of the town of Dessalines because of the demonstrations.  The main highway north to south is blocked in numerous places and dangerous.  Another friend in Port says the danger is increasing and now looting has begun.  Another friend trying to return to Haiti could not be picked up at the airport as planned, so reboarded a plane back to the states. Another friend could not return to Haiti as the airport is now shut down.

I think you are getting the picture.  I haven’t canceled the tickets yet (and yes there will be probably be a huge fee for 9 of us, unless the airport is still closed), but it seems like right now we won’t be going.  Disappointing, but I feel an enormous responsibility to the team. 

Please pray for the country of Haiti.  If you want to know specific details as to the details of the uprising, go to the US Embassy Haiti website, or follow Haitian news on the internet.  Please pray for your sponsored child and their families.  This is a difficult time for everyone. 

Thank you, thank you for your love and support of the Haitian people.

Kè Bondye beni w.

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