Trip recap: Tireless love

Dear friends,

We’ve been home several days now and my head is beginning to know what day it is again.  We all thank you so much for your support and for your prayers throughout our most recent trip, and constantly as we do the work we are called to. 

I’m struck once again with the realization that each of us have a story, and each person we interact with in Haiti has theirs.  God’s love knows no bounds and is free for all.  It reaches beyond color, rich or poor, and all cultures.

I am honored to be a part of this ministry and watch God working in and through others.  Our team was fantastic working tirelessly and ‘roughing’ it in Haiti.  They made me so proud and thankful! Many blessings to them!  Special thanks to Joel from Global Training Network for his words of encouragement and wisdom. His years of investing in Haiti have produced a harvest of maturity and personal growth for so many.

And what an experience having a medical team put on a clinic for the people of Dessalines and Nan wo! We are forever grateful.

None of the impact Hope in Haiti has could ever be without our supporters and partners in prayer. So thank you, thank you, thank you! I pray you will be richly blessed because of your investment in Haiti

Dixie & Team

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