Bon pak! Reflections on the ride home

Well, I’m not really sure what day this is, but we are packed and leaving for the airport for Seattle in a couple of hours. 
Yesterday we made if back to Port au Prince just fine, seeing only a couple of Rah-rah bands in the road and one detour around them. Thank you for your prayers! After the journey south, we had enough time to go to the metal market so everyone could buy a few souvenirs.  Then we made our way to the Tlucek’s amazing home for a wonderful dinner and a good night’s sleep.  God watched over us indeed.

It’s been a very good trip and we’re always learning what works better for Kid’s Camp in Haiti. But I’m sure once we think we have it all figured out, things will change again! Our relationships with the children of this valley continue to grow. The older kids who used to be our rambunctious campers have become helpers and impromptu translators–they love to try out their English on us.

So many people…. and God loves each one.  Easter has special meaning for me this year having listened to Rah-rah throughout the night on Good Friday.  All the Haitians’ focus on Satan’s power will cease tomorrow on Easter, knowing Christ has overcome death and is risen and seated at the right hand of God.  His death brings life to each of us.  I am so thankful for those here in Haiti who continue to lift Him up in prayer, praise and worship. Their songs are heard throughout the countryside! I am thankful for Pastor Louinet and all that he gives to his people. I am thankful for you–your generousity and your faithful prayers.  I am thankful for those wanting to come on trips and serve these people.
Many blessings to each of you as we celebrate our risen Lord tomorrow on Easter.  

We had many supplies left over from this Kid’s Camp and would love to do another in a small church/school further out in the valley when the Lord shows us an opportunity.  These kids are poor and have never had anything like this before.  We have most of the supplies, but would need to gather a team together to go. Anyone interested?  We could do it later this spring or this fall 🙂  Please contact us if you want a great adventure in Haiti loving kids.
Bon Pak! (Happy Easter)

Dixie & team


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