The road through darkness

Copyright Art for the New Millennium
African American Folk Art. Mari Hall ~ Artist

Dear Friends,

Last night as we slept I listened to the beat of the rah-rah drums and rhythm of the music all night long. Rah-rah is part of the spiritual darkness that hangs like a fog over Haiti. It is a vodou (voodoo) musical rite that coincides with the Catholic Easter traditions. People gather in large or small groups to walk with musical instruments throughout the countryside and towns flamboyantly celebrating Satan before Easter. This spiritual vigor sometimes comes to a head with violence and hostility to outsiders. Please be in prayer for us as we head down the island today into Port. It could be difficult as these bands of people can block roads without fear of reprecussion. But we know that God continues to go before us and as we face the giants of this world; He is our defender.

Now as we transition out, please pray for Pastor Louinet. When I leave with a team, he is left with the expectations and demands from many needy people because he is associated with the blancs. He is a shepherd to hundreds of people. May the Lord watch over him as he continues his work and raise up good people to work with him.

Thank you for prayers.

Dixie & Team

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