Leaving soon: a team ready to teach.

As the first ticks of the new year have gone by, a small group of individuals have moved from celebration to preparation. Four men and one woman are packing and re-packing their bags, getting ready for a trip into the nation of Haiti, where they will  serve, teach, and share the Hope of the Gospel of Christ with hurting people in the poorest nation in thew Western Hemisphere. 
January 8-16 will be the time frame for these travelers. The focus of this trip will be two-fold: evangelism, and teaching to developing Christian leaders. During the day time, the team will be teaching on aspects of Biblical studies, leadership, and unity. And by night, they will join an annual city-wide rally in Dessalines, where Joel Madson will return as a prominent speaker sharing the hope that is in Christ. 
Joining Joel will be:
Isaac Howard
Isaac Hanna
Harley Donnel
and of course, Dixie.
The team had another member who had to cancel for medical reasons, unfortunately, so it seems God will work through a smaller team this time.
In addition to teaching,  Isaac Howard will take on the photography work for the trip.  Meanwhile, Harley will be fixing everything and Dixie will be helping out everywhere. Many prayers needed! Please see the Prayer Guide and use it to cover our team in prayer for the entirety of the trip! We greatly appreciate it! 

Brandon, for everyone at Hope in Haiti

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