Trip log: pictures and notes from the weekend

On Saturday, the team took a break from their regular work to have a cultural exploration day in Dessalines. Read on to see more!

First we went for an early morning hike to the fort overlooking the city

On our walk, we came upon a pair of women treading and sifting rice the traditional way!

Next, we walked through the Saturday market in town and stopped in the shade of one of the stores to enjoy a cold beverage. Can you see us glistening?

Finally, we returned to our home at the church campus to get set for the next day. Suddenly a storm picked up, and it was raining cats and dogs!


Good church today with very loud music, the way they like it. Pastor Louinet encouraged his people, young and old, to obey the Lord. He talked about the one little boy with the five loaves of bread and two fishes. He came forward and by a miracle of Jesus, he fed over five thousand people. It only takes one to offer Jesus what he has.

As I look back over the last ten years and see this school and literally the hundreds of people that it has touched I am so grateful to have been part of it. Louinet says one thing he asks of each person on this team and that is that we would go back to our homes and tell our friends thank you for your generousity. So thank you and may you be richly blessed.

Below: Joselom planting green peppers behind the school. The food goes to feed folks in the church and sell at market

Monday morning

We had a long night if rain last night. In fact it’s rained almost every day that we’ve been here. It was muggy and buggy, but woke up to a beautiful sunny morning. We have only today to finish updates, so I pray we can get it done. It’s been a good trip with another great team. Thanks so much for your prayers. Great things are happening here and I see God in it all. Blessings to each of you for your gifts and prayers.

Myrriah playing with kids


Terry and Dale giving gifts to their sponsored child Jean Daniel.

Monday afternoon

We are almost through with most of the updating. Now we will take class pictures and hunt down the sponsored kids that didn’t make it to school. What a job! Yesterday we met with one of the teachers in our school. His 21 year old daughter was seen by a doctor who came on our team almost two years ago. He then saw her again last January. She had a very hard lump on her neck. Just last week she was able to get it removed in local hospital. But to be released from the hospital one must first pay the bill. The family borrowed money to get their daughter released. Our team was able to come together and bless this family with most of the money and gave it to the father so that he could pay people back. There is so much need here and we certainly can’t fix things for everyone, but we can give as the Lord leads. It is we who are blessed to be here.

Thank you for your partnership!


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