A note of reflection from Dixie

Dear friends,

We are now home from Haiti. Our schools have both grown and Pastor Louinet is touching so many lives. Hundreds of people look to him for help and direction. I can easily get frustrated as I see so many problems and no way to fix them….. but then I look at what has been accomplished over the years. How the people in Nan wo and the surrounding mountains really love Jesus and have a community of believers that they gain strength from.

Many, many people have come with me to Haiti and I always think this is the best team yet. I am so grateful for those who have jumped in with me, worked hard, played hard, and have fallen in love with the kids in Haiti. Each time I go back I am reminded of how blessed we are and because of that how much we have to give. I thank those who pray for us and labor with us even though they can’t make the trip. You are a great encouragement.

Thank you always for your prayers.

Hope in Haiti

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