Getting started with a “pop”

The team arrived safely and their work has begun!

After a long overnight flight and a day of culture and climate shock stepping out into the city of Port au Prince on Tuesday, the team was welcomed into the home of our friends, Byron and Shelley. Shelley’s fabulous potato soup, fresh pineapple, watermelon, avocados, and fresh baked bread for dinner were amazing for the exhausted team. They headed to bed ready for a day on the road.

It wasn’t long before a typical delay had the team stopped on the side of the road:

Oh no! Flat tire. The Tlucek’s truck was stuck for a little while as we got the tire fixed. This is the life in Haiti!




Mackenzie drinking from a coconut while waiting for the tire to be changed












We stopped to buy bananas on the way to Dessalines… a Hope in Haiti team tradition! So many beautiful faces.


We arrived in Nan wo about noon and were greeted by schoolkids–it was so sweet They surrounded me with their hugs and grown-up-style handshakes. We ate a beautiful meal prepared by Madam Pastor, and then team started preparing for tomorrow by putting gifts in bags for each child. Harley jumped right into the repair list and started fixing showers and other things. He thought he might be bored….ha! Please pray as we begin pictures and updates Thursday!





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