Zanmi nou

We all arrived safely back at SeaTac Thursday night, said our goodbyes to each other, and each made our way home. It’s amazing how connected you can become as a team in such a short time. Maybe going through difficulties together, eating together, praying together, and having a common goal in Christ have a lot to do with that. My greatest thanks goes out to each team member for their sacrifice and service these past days in Haiti.  Some were difficult, some exciting, and some just regular days, but our common goal was to share Christ’s love.

I want to thank you for your prayers for this team.  I know many of your were praying us up the mountain. I think the mountains get bigger and the trail longer each year, but by God’s grace, we each made it up to Kawo Lagoode. Of course, we then proceeded to collapse for a few minutes, but were quickly revived by strong, sweet Haitian coffee. The hospitality in the mountains is amazing with kind hearted people giving and sharing what little they have with us. We are the ones blessed as we work among these people. We hope to find new ways to work alongside them in the future!

Cell coverage in Haiti is spotty and sometimes it’s difficult to get out an update and pictures.  Thank you for your patience and prayers inspite of this. We are forever grateful to Brandon Gloor back in the states for his part in posting these updates. Hope in Haiti is a huge team effort with many playing their small part and we thank God for all who are involved.  Thank you for touching lives in Haiti.  We covet your prayers and know we are covered by God’s grace.

Dixie Montgomery

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