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After a restful day of worshiping with brothers and sisters in Selio on Sunday, the team was able to carry on the work ahead of them, but not without a few troubles…

Monday, 2:32 pm – Cold and wet day today! Awoke to continued constant winds and rain, also most of the night, low 60 degree. No school but about about 100 kids showed for pics. Struggled with crowd control due to no teachers. Found a few sponsored kids. Small group visited Sainvilus’ home and family and was well received. Met with Rosita the local nurse and dreamed about setting up a Kawo medical clinic in the future. Brainstorming ideas for continued long term support outside of donations through HIH. School tomorrow will be crazy for us to document the remaining children. We really need better weather, better sleep, and a productive day. Fyi :No team health, food, or relationship issues. Having a great time. Good to be busy after a very rare down day. – Tony

2:45 pm – Staying warm in fleece and raincoats. Enjoyed some fresh guava we found on a nearby tree. Tate Enjoyed a rousing game off cock-cock-pou (duck duck goose) with a few kids. Sending photos out has been hard up here, but we will keep trying. Someone hauled a small generator up, and we are charging Dixies laptop and about 248 phones. – Tony

Tuesday 2:15 pm – We are beginning the hike down now and should arrive before dark. Finished kids as best we could and Pastor wanted to get going. That gives us tomorrow to get things repacked for travel back to the USA. – Dixie

5:53 pm – Arrived 5:30 pm and are waiting for truck to pick us up in Post Piwo. We made it! Can’t wait to take a shower. – Dixie

6:25 pm – We made it and were back by dark. Celebrated with popcorn. Tony is sick today, stomach stuff. Please continue praying. – Dixie

Wednesday 12:45pm – Susie is sick and so am I. Been in bed most of the day. The others are hanging out, finding things to do…Terry,Dulin and Tate playing basketball. School is going on today. Marla From EGO will be here 4 30 am to pick us up to take us to airport. We have a flight around 8 am and are allowing 3 hours to get to airport. Please have folks pray that we make our flight and feel well enough to travel. – Dixie

Thursday 10:39 am – We made it to the airport on time! Tony is enjoying his flight home…he’s now eating rice, a good sign. Susie also eating rice. I’ve moved on to ice cream and Starbucks. Feeling much better.

1:45 pm – We’ve been up since 3am traveling down from Dessalines to the airport in Port au Prince, Miami, then Phoenix, then home to Seattle. Thanks for many prayers. God is good.

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