Sunday in Selio

Dixie and the team have not been able to send updates since mid-day Sunday. Please pray for some better cell phone coverage! In the mean time, check out the events of Sunday morning!

7:30 am – We are on our way to church in Selio, another small mountain area. I will explain more later. We left 7am and are now waiting for others under cell towers on top of Ridge.












7:35 am – Dulin and Tate tired.












8:30 – We have arrived in Selio for church, and Pastor Louinet is apparently going American style! He has come out of his shell! Eating a quick bite before we begin












11:50 am – There has been a camp for the youth from several churches at a small Church in the mountains at Selio. We hiked 1 1/2 hours over the mountains to join several churches for a celebration this morning. There has been many groups singing songs. It has been windy and cool. We are almost cold. It been about 4 hours and we are still in church. We will hike back down the mountains this afternoon. It is beautiful here looking out over layers of mountains, seeing plateaus far in the distance. It’s good to see the joy of the Lord in these people. We may not speak the same language, but we join together worshiping the Lord most high.

Church this morning in Selio!


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