Kawo: The plan (now in progress!)

On Tuesday night, the team left Seattle for the annual trip to the remote and desperatley poor hamlet of Kawo, Haiti. Flying all night, we arrived in south Florida in the morning, then on to Port au Prince where we were picked up at the airport by Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage (EGO) staff. We hope to arrive in Nan wo by dark Wednesday night. Please pray for us in our travels!
In addition to myself and Tony, this trip includes a family who has made the Kawo hike before. Terry, Myrriah, Tate and Dulin are along for the journey once more and will be vital assets to our mission! Our newcomer for this time is Katharine, who is on her first trip to Haiti. HIH veteran Susie has also come along, and will be a huge help!
Here is the plan of action, day by day:
March 1st – Arrive in Nan wo hopefully by dark
March 2nd – Repack, organize our packs and bags to be carried up to Kawo.  Interview some teachers from a small school in Savan Brüle. See sponsored kids and friends.
March 3rd – Rise early and leave for Post Piwo to hopefully meet up with those wonderful kids like to carry our packs, and donkeys to carry gifts for the kids, then begin the long hike up the mountains
March 4th – Take pictures of 275ish kids, update information, brush and fluoride teeth, give out gifts to each child
March 5thSunday – day of rest, hiking and visiting folks
March 6th – Take pictures. update info, brush and fluoride teeth, give out gifts
March 7th – Take pictures. update info, brush and fluoride teeth, give out gifts
March 8th – Long hike down the mountains

March 9th – Rise 4AM, picked up by EGO staff at 4:30AM and head 3-4 hours to airport, arriving back in Seattle at 8:24PM  (21 hours of travel coming home if all goes well)

We desperately depend on your prayers, knowing that the Lord hears and answers.  Pray for strength for all of us in climbing to Kawo.  I’ve seen grown men practically cry attempting to scale these hills in the blistering heat!  Pray for a sweet time with the Lord, with each other and with our friends in Haiti.  Pray for wisdom….. and pray that my phone will work well this time and I will be able to send daily updates!!!!  We appreciate you!



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