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sponsor-a-childThis Christmas season, many of us will be enjoying a bounty of blessings—good food, friends and family together, and an abundance of gifts given in love. The hope, joy, and enthusiasm are almost palpable as we start stringing up lights and putting on the Christmas music. And as we celebrate Christ’s birth, we remember His gift to us by sharing gifts with one another which allows us to play a part in meeting each other’s needs and putting our love into action.

As you are preparing to give this Christmas, would you consider giving the gift of education to a young child in need? Haiti is a nation devastated by natural disasters and economic crisis, leaving its children desperate for hope to cling to. Hope in Haiti was established in 2007 to step up for those children and offer education, meals, books, school uniforms, and even parent and teacher training. We have been blessed with an expanding ministry that continues to grow every year as more children pour into our schools. However, the number of children still needing sponsors is growing too.

For just $35 per month, you can give the hope of a brighter future for children who are in need of education and training. Boys and girls with stories you wouldn’t believe—stories that aren’t finished yet. Would you play a part in bringing them hope, joy, and enthusiasm through a simple gift of sponsorship? Check out our Sponsor page right now and choose a child to bless today!

Thank you, and Merry Christmas!


P.S., If monthly sponsorship doesn’t work for you but you’d still like to give or volunteer, please contact us! Use the contact form below

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