Beauty, sadness

We worked hard this morning updating the kid’s student sponsorship information, doing all we could for a Saturday. In the process of that work, we were saddened to hear of another small boy in our school who died recently, as well as many of our students’ fathers passing away. After we finished for the day, the girls walked to orphanage and visited the entire neighborhood to go out and see the homes they live in. Meanwhile, Harley and Gary are putting in long days unplugging water pipes, setting tile in new shower, and just repairing things. I saw “are” because I think they are still working. It’s hard to get them to stop. It’s 5:30pm and getting dark, and yet the tile saw is still humming. Gabe has helped the guys work… he has become one of the crew!

  We have great teamwork going on here, which is exactly what we needed. Thank you so much for your prayers. We know you are behind us and it means so much.

Visiting people’s homes… and finding beauty!
Abby learning a local kids’ game
Celia’s turn. It’s harder than it looks!

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