Hurricane Matthew: An update from Nan wo

I have been in touch with Pastor Louinet since last night as I had heard that Hurricane Matthew was going to hit Haiti.  I assured him that we would be praying for him, his family and his people.  Throughout the day we have been texting and he says there has been lots of wind and lots of rain.  Some of the homes in town (Dessalines) have been damaged by the wind.  The boys who come down from the mountains to attend our school have moved from their two small rooms behind the church, into the church for shelter from the rains.  I think everyone is just hunkering down to wait out the storm.

Thank you for remembering our friends in Haiti and for your many prayers.  Please continue to pray as the storm isn’t over yet and leaves much disaster in it’s wake.



Hurricane Matthew is already deadly in Haiti

One thought on “Hurricane Matthew: An update from Nan wo”

  • please let us know what happen in the area of the child we help?

    we are interested in what Matthew did to this section and the great needs ?

    We sponsor micanel Aluis

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