Pastor Alekè remembered.

 On June 8th, a long-time partner in our work in Haiti passed into eternity. The following is one of a series of tributes to the man we knew as Pastor Alekè.
Pastor Alekè (second from left) leaves behind a huge legacy, and many needs as well.

Pastor Alekè (64 years) was small in stature, but had giant-sized faith.  He was one of the poorest of the poor, living deep in the mountains of Haiti.  He became a Christian at a young age and was commissioned as a pastor under the authority of Pastor Louinet in 1999.  For over 16 years he led the people in the small mountain church in Kawo Lagoode. He was full of hospitality each spring when we would visit his community.   We ate our meals in his small two room home, pushing the family into the one remaining room.  When I remember Alekè, I smile as I see him scampering up the mountains like a mountain goat, putting us well-nourished, younger people to shame.  His enthusiasm was contagious.  What a dear little  man he was.  I can see him now singing and dancing with Jesus, freed from the troubles of this world.  He leaves behind a wife and five grown daughters, including some who still lived with him. I know this isn’t easy for them.  Please continue praying for his family.

-From Dixie’s desk.

Pastor Alekè leaves behind a family and many medical and funeral expenses that would be crippling to any underprivileged family in Haiti, let alone one such as his. Would you be willing to help? We are gathering donations for Alekè’s family right now. Use the Donate button on our website, or mail in a gift, with “Aleke” as the designation.

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