Pray for Aleke

AlekePastor Aleke is a tough, pioneering man of God serving in a desolate region in one of the earth’s poorest nations. He shepherds a small flock that meets in a rugged little building on the red dirt of a small terrace of a big mountain in Haiti’s Kawo region. He has pastored there for years, knowing it will never lead to glory or wealth or recognition. But he has pursued this calling nonetheless.

Today, friends and family are carrying him down the mountainside in a bed, desperate enough to brave the terrain and risk the financial cost of a trip to the nearest hospital. Aleke is sick. Very sick. He has been ailing for a month without remedy or diagnosis. In Haiti, with little or no medical care and poor nutrition as the rule, a bout with any kind of sickness can be a death sentence. One of the teachers at the school that Aleke also hosts in his church died of an unknown sickness.

Lord willing, they will make it down to the Artibonite valley, where Pastor Louinet has arranged for a ride to the hospital. Hope in Haiti has a special partnership with him and his ministry, and we on the board of directors are going before the Lord for him today. Please join us in praying for this dear brother, to regain health and strength. Thank you

-Brandon, for the Board.

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  • My prayers are being lifted to the Lord for a safe trip to hospital and for doctors to have the knowledge to help and make this man of God better.

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