Full House

We now have a house full of people staying with us. Nate, his wife and three kids and another couple have come up from Port to visit EGO. Nate has been coming here since he was 14 and comes back to renew friendships. Lourdjina woke us all early 4:30 am. After she quieted down the dogs began barking. Oh well, time to get up.

We were going to go with Pastor Louinet and the entire school to the beach today, but as things turned out, it was better that we stay here at the orphanage. We did meet the four old school buses filled to the brim with over three hundred kids at the orphanage gate to see them off. Can you imagine 300 plus kids, many going to the beach for the first time crammed into these old buses? As they pulled away the buses were honking and honking their horns in celebration. My prayers are with Pastor Louinet today and all those kids.

Harley has finished a screen door for the house that we are living in. This will allow more air to blow through. This afternoon Harley and I will walk to town and buy a hook to keep it closed. It continues to be hot, muggy and buggy and a little extra air will be nice.

Thank you for your continued prayers. We appreciate you all more than you can possibly know.


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