Hello from Florida – Dixie and Harley are heading to Haiti

8:29 am Dixie and I board a plane to Florida to meet up with our team of teachers, doctors, and evangelists. 16 people total. Here is what is happening. ..

  1. Childrens camp.
  2. Men and women’s leadership traing.
  3. Medical clinic.
  4. Evangelist Crusade in Dessalines. Last time we did this over 2500 people came to the meetings!
  5. Painting school rooms.
  6. Setting up our new generator.
  7. Planing electrical system up grades. We basically don’t have a system at present.
  8. Meeting with Pastor Louinet and planing our next project.

  9. It’s a lot going on for one little trip.

    Please pray.

    Dixie and Harley
    Dixie and Harley

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