We have had so many people come to the medical clinic we are extending it this afternoon for 3 or 4 hrs here in Nanwo. (Tip of the iceberg)

The rest of our team is traveling to Savan Brüle to visit a community which has a school that cannot support their teachers. We have been working for 2 years to set up a sponsorship program for the students and teachers. Haiti is quite a country…. Here’s to hoping!

We are loaded and off for PAP.

This has been a busy trip and a very successful trip. We got the pump going, got some rooms painted, made a drawing of the electrical system, worked with the kids, worked with the preacher’s and teachers and saw over 500 in the medical clinic. One of the hi lights was the medical clinic under the Mongo Tree.

Thanks for the prayers!

We made it safely to Byron’s and Shelley s house in PAP. Stopped at the beach on the way home. It’s a great transition.
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Moulin Sur Mer – the beach.

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