The school children have good water to drink

The school children have good water to drink due to your faithful donations and sponsorships of individual students, who attend school here in Nan wo, Haiti. The well was installed 3 years ago by the “Healing Hands” organization. Last year we were able to up size the school yard water tank as pictured and the gravity feed tank on the roof of the guest house. We now have two showers and two toilets with running water.
2015-11-11 blue tank
It gets dark early now with daylight savings and we just finished taking pictures and updating 7th and 8th grade kids. The classes keep growing and we now have about 500 children attending our school. Our team worked hard all day. In the morning we put together a small gift for each child and in the afternoon we started our updates and putting fluoride on teeth. We are tired and preparing to start early tomorrow.
2015-11-11 black tank
Thank you for your support and prayers.
2015-11-11 exam
One problem with the well… we don’t have any elect power.
2015-11-11 well

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