great accomplishments

I made a list of great accomplishments here in Nan wo Haiti which will never get sent off to you all because there just isn’t enough time.

This place is nothing like home, lest you look deep. I’m starting today with the grim fact of life here. If you’re alive, you’re going to die. As we update the children’s info we noticed a vast majority of school children live with their grandma or their aunt because their mom/dad/or both have passed on due to a myriad of diseases, and or they have left due to the pressures of life here. This school is giving the students a chance through education to change their living conditions, income, and life style.

Your generous donations are paying for the 4 new school rooms which are currently being completed. See group of construction workers floating the walls and ceilings with sand and cement, much like smooth drywall at home.

Thanks for making this all possible!
2015-11-13 (1)

2015-11-13 (2)

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