Dreams are good…

It’s so great to be here with my friend Paster Louinet. This man is a man of vision. Sometimes his vision makes Dixie crazy, “Louinet how will we pay for this?” “Don’t worry, Dixie, it’s not a problem, I’ll pay for it.” The big gate was one of his surprises for Dixie. He was correct, a gate for the school yard was needed. Pastor Louinet and I have many dreams.
Short list:

  1. A sport field for the school.
  2. A dorm for the boys and girls from outlying mountain towns.
  3. A kitchen for the church/school.
  4. A electrical system. Ie; power for the school, church, and dorms.
  5. A parsonage for Pastor Louinet’s family.
  6. A solar water pump for the deep well.
  7. Painting the school once it is floated.
  8. A way to pay the teachers in Savan Brüle.
  9. Musical instruments for the school.
  10. To run a music seminar for the church and school musical people.

Dreams are good…..
See picture of Pastor running through our newly purchased land for future sport field and school dorms.

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