The story behind the work on the school

The story behind the work on the school is really cool. Maybe I’ll share it some time… some of the worker’s are graduates from our school.

Education is a big part of Hope in Haiti’s mission.
To date there are 14 schools affiliated with HiH.
The teachers are not trained like our teachers in the US & Canada.
Heather and Susie have started a teacher training program. Schools in Haiti use repetition teaching method, there isn’t a lot of thinking involved. It’s incredible to watch our team teach teacher’s how to think, observe, and create creative teaching plans.

Dixie’s learning to interpret, at least us English speakers think she is saying what we are saying.
2015-11-13 (1)

2015-11-13 (2)

2015-11-13 (3)

2015-11-13 (4)

2015-11-13 (5)

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