We just posted on the website about prayer for Loudjina. She is still in the hospital in Port au Prince and we heard back from Marla (she is from Ebeneezer Glen Orphanage and is caring for Loudjina). We’d like to share these emails from her so that people can know how to pray for this little girl? Thanks.

Marla: Now it is Monday and over the weekend they told us to stay put and the surgeon would talk with me on Monday. Needless to say, it is Monday evening and the surgeons left yet again today without speaking to me. However, the head nurse from American who works at B.M.’s came back to work after being off for a week and she found out that they inflated the balloon with 8 mls instead of 1 ml – so it was blocking up the intestinal tract and causing her to vomit. So one problem solved. And according to all the staff I will be speaking with the surgeons first thing in the morning. Let’s see if that really happens.

Dixie : So…..did you get to see the doctor today? How is Loudjina doing? Praying…..

Marla: Yes at 1:30 pm I was finally able to speak with the surgeons. They basically said that they did what was necessary for Loudjina and that she needed the “J-tube”. I explained yet again that I could not properly take care of her at the orphanage with a “J tube” and that is why I asked for a G-tube placement and brought the mickey button for the surgery. They more or less told me that I was not the doctor and that they did what was required and they were not going to redo her surgery. However, they did agree to call and talk with Dr. Ford from UCLA (who will be coming to Bernard Mevs in November) A decision would be made from there. For now we are returning to EGO tomorrow, as long as she tolerates her feedings through the night (they started feeding her at 2pm). If they decide not to redo her surgery in November, then we will have to find another orphanage who can care for her. The head RN nurse will be checking into one that takes special need kids up in Ouanaminthe (up by Cap-Haitian). So a lot of prayers are needed over the next couple of weeks.

She is coming back to EGO with us – but I will have to keep her 24/7 as she has a feeding tube hooked up to a tube coming from her belly area and her formula will have to be kept cool she will not like this one bit. One positive thing was a team of 30 people from Canada came in Saturday and she received physical therapy on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. She was also able to get leg splints to help her walk (praise).

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