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Issabelle gives fluoride treatment to kids in Kawo

Issabelle gives fluoride treatment to kids in KawoWe’re always excited to see what God does on the “front lines” in Haiti and how much it impacts team members as they head home, but rarely does any work they do or Hope in Haiti get any public recognition beyond a few pictures posted and emails sent, and perhaps a few moments to share with friends or church groups. But after Myrriah Hayden and her family went to Kawo with HIH in March, the journalists at Renton Woman Magazine took interest and published their story in their March / April edition. Here is an excerpt from their amazing story:

“[On the trail to Kawo] everyone usually climbs at their own pace, and as the mountains got steeper, they found themselves separated from the group. It was a hot, strenuous hike on a rocky trail […] The bugs were ferociously biting their exposed skin, leaving hundreds of itchy, red bumps. After about an hour without seeing anyone, only goats and cows, Myrriah and Terry realized they were lost. Not wanting to alarm the children, they knew they couldn’t panic, so they kept on walking and silently praying.”

What happened next? You can view the entire article with terrific pictures and more of the story by going to rentonwomanmagazine.com and purchasing a copy for $4.99. Get it today!!


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