Trip to the beach!

good job kidsWhat do you do to motivate your school children to excel when you live in a poor Caribbean country and don’t have much to reward them with? You offer a trip to the beach!

On Friday, May 16th, pastor and school administrator Louinet Gilles hired two large buses and took 180 school children to the nearest public beach, which is about 1 1/2 hours away.  What an incredible field trip for these kids! It’s quite a feat to plan for something like this, taking so many kids and many can’t even swim or even have bathing suits.  But no matter, they wade up to their armpits wearing haiti beachwhatever they have and enjoy the sparkling warm waters. Some teachers and other chaperones also got to come along and enjoy the change of pace.  The school went for the entire day, lost no one, and all arrived back home safely in Nan wo. What a day!

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