Washington Kids Gather to Support Hope in Haiti Work

The home of Glynis Morris is a little busier than usual this week. In fact, a lot more than usual. Dozens of children come streaming into the yard, laughing, playing, and lining up for snacks and games. In one side of the yard, Monroe’s “Reptile Man” wows the kids with his enormous iguana and turtle and all kinds of other scaly friends. Not far away, Dixie Montgomery shares about Hope in Haiti and displays some metal artwork crafted in Haiti.

What is all this about? Glynis and her kids have a passion for doing ministry to the poorest of the poor in Haiti. They have been on a team with HIH once before and have resolved to go back and to give back. They have been brainstorming on how they can help make a difference, how to raise more money, and how to get involved in a ministry trip again. They have put on benefit rummage sales already this year, and one of their other plans for this year has been this day camp. They’ve organized a summer day camp for friends and neighbors and many others, hosting them at their own home and putting on a fun week-long adventure for the kids, and raising money for Haiti in the process! “I was amazed… This camp is so fun! Glynis and her kids are amazing,” said Dixie after joining the camp Monday. Their goal is not only to raise money to donate to Hope in Haiti, but also to help get themselves back to Haiti to help put on a Bible camp for children.

Please pray for the Morris family this week as they work hard at this week’s camp. In the middle of the week, their youngest son, Micah had to go to the hospital with a broken leg, so the stress level got turned up a notch or two. Pray for their peace, joy, and focus on their vision.

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