A weekend of firsts

A time of teaching
Pastors, teachers, and others from the valley have gathered for a time of teaching

This weekend saw several firsts for the ministry of Hope in Haiti.

First-time HIH teammates Wilf and Arlene Meeds and Francy Ogle joined veterans Joel Madson, Isaac Howard, and Dixie Montgomery for a trip this month to put on several conferences for Haitians of the Artibonite valley and nearby mountains. On Saturday, Joel and Isaac took the opportunity to teach the pastors who gathered under the huge famous mango tree in the middle of the valley. Their morning session was followed by the first ever women’s conference Hope In Haiti has done, led by Arlene and Francy, as well as Dixie. On top of that, they took extra time to talk to and encourage the ladies who teach the school children of our sponsored school in Nan wo, which was our first real event for our teachers.

Today, after Joel gives a message in front of the whole congregation of Eglise Evangelique Bethel de Haute Marchand, he and the others will team up to give HIH’s first ever marriage workshop. This is a new development has everyone excited and happy to be involved. Over 50 of the valley’s precious Haitian believers have gathered for the weekend of conferences, and there are more meetings still to come. Monday and Tuesday bring more sessions for both pastors and couples. We will pass on more details on the results as we hear more.

Thank you for praying for our ministry team and the work that God is doing in Haiti this week and at all times. We appreciate you!

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