Your role in this week’s kids camp

An ariel view of Haiti
We are landing in Haiti today! Please pray for us this coming week

Looking out the airplane window over Haiti, it’s exciting to imagine the joy that the children in the valley will be having this coming week. Our team can’t wait to get on the ground and be there with them, because we are doing a kids’ Bible camp in Nan wo! The older youth just finished up their own camp, so the younger ones are thrilled to have their own as well! Skits, games, music, learning about God’s Word, and plenty of yummy Haitian food too! This year we have a great team of young people and adults who really have a passion for sharing Christ’s love in whatever way they can. The camp is for kids pre-K to 12 years old. It’s going to be great!

Would you please consider “adopting” one day out of our itinerary for prayer? We would love it if you at home would take just one day and pray (and even fast if you can) for the cause of this mission trip. Not only will this be an opportunity for many young Haitian children to hear about God’s story, but it will also be very impactful for our team members.

Please choose from the following days:
TODAY Aug 16, Thurs – Arrive in Port au Prince
Aug 17, Fri. – Travel to Nan wo
Aug 18, Sat. – First day of camp for kids
Aug 19, Sun – church
Aug 20, Mon – day camp
Aug 21, Tues – day camp
Aug 22, Weds – day camp
Aug 23, Thurs – Leave for Port
Aug 24, Fri – Leave for home

Thank you so much!
-Hope in Haiti Team

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