The party has arrived!

After four hours of Haitian roads, they made it!

The team arrived in Nan wo yesterday without a glitch!
Apologies for the lack of update last night. Dixie had emailed but something went wrong and it never came through. We were able to get in touch with her via the team’s Port-au-Prince hosts today and let her know to text instead of attempt email again so hopefully we’ll have no more trouble. And so we received the latest news late this afternoon….

What awaited the team in Dessalines

After arriving in Nan wo yesterday afternoon, the team was treated to a delicious, gourmet Haitian meal all fixed by Madame Pastor, Louinet’s wife. The food and sweet, fresh-squeezed fruit juice always tastes so incredible after the long, hot, dusty drive from Port! Refreshed and bellies full, everyone then walked to Ebenezer Glen Orphanage to see the place where Dixie and her husband and family served for 2 years from 1989-1991. The rest of the day was filled with camp preparations.

The kiddos showed up ready for Bible camp!

Saturday morning dawned and camp began! It was a wonderful day filled with joyful singing, Bible memory verses, face painting, and sack races. The kids couldn’t have had more fun while learning incredible truths from God’s word. It was a wonderful first day! In spite of the heat and sweat, after camp finished up, the team walked through the valley and visited the little mud homes scattered along the dusty roadside. These are the homes of Hope in Haiti’s school children and they along with their parents, are always so honored to have Dixie and her teams come personally visit them.

On top of such a successful, wonderful day, Dixie was able to meet with the man who will be drilling a deeper well in the church/school courtyard. This well serves a large portion of the population in the valley and is in constant use! It provides drinking water, dishwater, water for laundry, bath water, water for cleaning, etc. But it is very shallow and consequently not particularly safe. Hope in Haiti has raised the money needed to drill a deep well that will guarantee clean, sanitary water for the locals and has found this man who drills wells throughout Haiti. He came out to Nan wo today and says he may be able to drill as soon as next week. This is a huge answer to prayer!!! Praise the Lord with us!

Pray for a great night of rest for the team tonight as they are tired after a long day.
Pray for refreshment as they worship with Haitian brothers and sisters tomorrow.
Pray for all the beautiful people we work with, that in all things, we would point them to Jesus as our true Hope in Haiti.

For the whole team,
-the Hope in Haiti board

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