Up next: VBS and a few hundred excited, hyper kids!

The team had a good 4 hour ride up to Dessalines/ Nan wo today…

Things were crowded with 13 people plus all the luggage, but it sounds like everything went smoothly. Dixie said that they visited the orphanage where she and her late husband worked from ’89-’91. They also planned and prepped for VBS which starts tomorrow. Afterwards, they met with a midwife and 10 pregnant women, giving out more donated birth kits and explaining to the ladies how to use them.

“Rice and beans were great,” she said. 🙂 No doubt, Madame Pastor made a delicious meal as she always does to welcome them!

I encourage you to check out this link. We have a few videos posted on youtube that will give you a great sense of where the team is and the conditions they are living in this week!

I am sure they will go to bed hot and tired tonight, praying for no rats in the rooms, a breeze to cool the air down, and looking forward to what the morning holds.

As we pray for the team, I wanted to share the meditation and prayer of another board member, Tony Robinson, who emailed me today. I felt it excellent and worth sharing. May our prayers for the team, echo his…

I woke this morning early and was reading in 1 Samuel about how Hannah’s prayers were answered when she prayed for a son. And then was reminded by an email that in Hebrews 1:3 it says, “all things are sustained by His powerful word.”

My prayers today were indeed for safe travels and as Pastor Louinet taught me last trip I prayed for every part of the day’s journey: the roads, the sun, the truck, the driver, the other drivers, water, safety, itchy bug bites, heat, any missing supplies, some sort of comfort in the back of the crammed truck, health with the food, team unity, no rats, lots of water in the cistern on the roof, a night time breeze, no bugs, that the smiles of the children would bring a sustaining joy to the entire team, and for God to take over the mission of the team and bless it and sustain it.

For those who are going for the first time I pray for an opening of eyes and hearts. I also pray for every sense to be fully alive and taking in the amazing amount of powerful stimuli that can overwhelm.
God, be their filter and interpreter; Lord, imprint their memory with all they experience. Stir a lifelong passion in their hearts for the people of Haiti.

For those who return I pray for a deeper understanding of our mission to serve. I pray for a joy in returning to serve again. I pray for a comfort in returning to something familiar yet so far from our every day.
I pray for God to meet them in a new place, speak into their lives, and sustain them by His powerful word.

I am sitting in my kitchen drinking a cup of REBO coffee that was brought back from Haiti. It reminds me of the flavors of the food, the smells of the countryside and the sounds of the children’s voices. The sun is about to rise here and I am sure the team is well awake and if not on their way to Nan wo they should be loading up and getting on their way soon.
I wish I could be there to see the VBS, but my role of praying for the team is one I embrace and feel honored to fill.

May we embrace the honor of praying for our team! 

Grace, on behalf of the Hope in Haiti Board

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