A dance off?!?

The 2nd day of VBS proved to be another great day!

Dixie briefly said it was another good day of VBS.

Apparently VBS ended with a dance off of all things and Aaron Day pulling out all his moves! For those of you who know him, you can especially appreciate this. His legend shall continue to spread… 🙂

After VBS finished up for the day, the team spent time painting the main room of our ‘guest house’, or the “Upper Room” as we call it. Another step closer to completion!

Pastor Louinet is holding a pastor’s conference which will be starting tomorrow. Pray for the men and women that will be traveling from near and far for this. For listening ears… hungry hearts… truth taught, and learned. There will be church services late every night as this goes on.

Dixie specifically mentioned that there are NO rats in the Upper Room this trip. This is truly a huge praise and a serious relief to those on the team who are returning! Praise the Lord for ceilings and tiled walls and floors!!!

I ask that you continue to pray for the members of the team as they minister. Pray for joy in their exhaustion, peace in their rest, hearts that search for what the Lord might have for each of them on this trip. 
Pray that the Lord would be working in them… through them. That Christ’s light would shine through their attitudes and service. 
Pray for:
Health. Sleep. Energy. Safety. Unity. Relationships.

Remember that our role as prayer warriors on behalf the team is a privilege we hold! Let us embrace it and stand back in wonder as God responds…

Grace, on behalf of the Hope in Haiti Board

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