Day #6: Goat stew with intestines and brain for breakfast!


Tony texted this morning before the day really got going…

He said there was another church service last night at 9pm with singing and dancing that went late. Sounds like it made for a late night for them so they were a bit tired this morning. Nothing new, huh? It also rained last night…. hopefully the tents all stayed dry inside!
This morning they woke up and were served goat stew with intestines and brain for breakfast. Really. The people in Kawo are dirt poor and you won’t see them waste anything! They generously insist on preparing 2 meals a day for the team every single trip and sometimes, that requires some flexibility and stretching on the part of the white people…. like this morning. 🙂

They were going to enjoy church with the local people before working with the pregnant women and midwives. Will let you know how things went when we get the update!

The team will be hiking down in the morning, so pray for a GREAT night of sleep for them tonight so that they have the strength and energy needed!

Thank you for faithfully upholding our team in prayer,
Grace, on behalf of the Hope in Haiti team

May we pray boldly, with expectation and firm hope in what God is doing in and through this team as they invest in the precious people of Haiti. May we look back at the fruits of this trip and be able to say,“This was the Lord’s doing;
It is marvelous in our eyes!”
-Ps. 118:23

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