Day #3: Mountains conquered!


I know many of us were awaiting news that the team made that treacherous hike up the mountains to Kawo yesterday…. only to not hear anything last night! I’m sorry, friends! I also was in suspense, but went to bed without news. It didn’t come in till about 11:30pm, BUT it was GOOD news to read this morning. 🙂 

They made it!!!

The team woke up at 4:30 yesterday morning to make the hike. Not much news except to say that it was hot and difficult and there was that sweet, syrupy coffee awaiting them at the top as predicted. Everyone was VERY tired last night! They pitched tents, filtered water near the church and school building at the tiny spring that functions as drinking water/bathing sight/laundry area, and probably turned in early.

By the time you read this email this morning, they will have already started lining the school kids up by class, taking photos of each one, updating their information, and visiting with each child. All that on top of setting up the daily clinic and doing fluoride treatments. For those of you who sponsor a child in Kawo, you can look forward to getting updated info and a picture of him/her in the near future!! 

Please, continue to uphold these guys in your prayers!!
Continue to pray for stamina and strength for each one as they work LONG, tiring days
Pray for grace, joy, and unity when the heat and weariness sets in
Pray for a productive day today and a good time bonding with the folks in Kawo as they seek to bless them in various ways
Pray that GOD is honored and blessed by the hearts and lives of the team as well as His people in Kawo

In Christ,
Grace, on behalf of the Hope in Haiti team

May we pray boldly, with expectation and firm hope in what God shall do in and through this team as they invest in the precious people of Haiti. May we look back at the fruits of this trip and be able to say,

“This was the Lord’s doing;
It is marvelous in our eyes!”
-Ps. 118:23

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