Coming up next: camping, fluoride treatments and birth kits!

Preparing to travel again… I leave again with another team February 20th. This time we will be climbing into the mountains of the Kawo area to update pictures and information for 400 children.  The trail is hot, difficult, and exhausting, usually taking us about 6-7 hours to reach the school.  Then bone tired, we pitch our tents, filter water and turn in for the night.  The next four days will be consumed with taking pictures, talking with each and every child, putting flouride on hundreds of teeth, giving out birth kits and teaching women how to use them, helping with the new construction of classrooms and visiting the neighboring families too.

All this is made possible by many people willing to serve in various ways, whether by going, by giving, or by praying.  I thank you again and again and pray you will be blessed for your generosity.  I also thank you for your many prayers that help to sustain this ministry. As always, we’ll keep you updated via this blog and emails as the adventure unfolds.



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