Team Update 1/14/12

The latest news from the front lines of the work of Hope in Haiti, live from Nan Wo and Marchand Desallines.

Hello again from snowy Monroe Washington. As the first snowfall of the season reaches us we think of and pray for our team in warm Haiti. I also find it odd that the world is shrinking with advances in technology allowing us to have such up to the minute contact. Below is a copy of the text Joel sent late last night, edited by Kathy, Joel’s loving and amazing wife, followed by scriptural insight from Julianna who volunteers for Global training Network. I apologize for the delay and the blatant plagiarism….

“WOW! WOW! What a night! Went to observe (the community gathering) but was asked to pray. Have to be ready at a moment’s notice! There were 1,500 to 2,000 people there from a town of 10,000 or so. Started at 6 pm and didn’t get up to pray until after 8pm. Prayed for those who needed healing, deliverance and salvation. It was wonderful! We had to leave because we were so tired and we start at 8am tomorrow.”

The schedule today is suppose to be as follows:
8:00 to noon: Pastors Training
Tonight: Joel speaks at the community gathering. There could be a huge number of people in attendance. Pray God draws the people to come and removes the blindness of sin and deception. Pray for many salivations, deliverance from bondage and healing! May Jesus Christ be magnified!

Report from that night… “Over 200 attended last night during the three hours of praising God followed by preaching by pastor Nathan ( a local Haitian pastor). About fifty people made decisions for Christ and accepted His love and leadership of their lives. At the Pastor’s Conference Joel taught about the need to know and live out God’s word as pastors. Isaac also spoke on the topic of the “Heart of a Teacher”. Tonight Joel teaches to the 200 people about “Who Jesus Is” through the three I am statements in the gospel of John. Joel will also be touching on Jesus being the way, the truth and the life. Please pray the people will put their trust in Jesus Christ. The team also requests prayer for God’s glory to come through their actions and to keep the rats away as they sleep tonight.”

A couple of other notes:The 9th box has not shown up yet but Joel said out of everything they brought it was the least important. 🙂 They arrived in Haiti on the 2nd Anniversary of the Earthquake. I know it was all over the news here. They were able to observe their “Day of Remembrance” with the people in Port Au Prince. Joel said it is warm but not like it was last time. Yeah!!Thank you for praying for Haiti! Praise God, the Great I Am – Lord (Yahweh); God of gods (Elohim), and Lord and Master (Adonai) loves the people of Dessalines more that our minds can comprehend! “There is none like you among the gods, O Lord, nor are there any works like yours.” Psalm 86:8

Love and Blessings to you – Kathy and Joel

Dear Warriors of Intercession;
The Holy Spirit of God amazes me over and over again. He is truly The Wonderful Counselor!! Here is what He shared today for intercession; first regarding Joel and the team; John 10:4 “When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them,”“the oriental shepherds always walked ahead of his sheep. He was always out in front. Any attack upon the sheep had to take “him” into account first.” (F.B.Meyer)Jesus is The Faithful Shepherd Who goes before our team and Who is their very Present Help and Protection! Secondly; we pray regarding all those who will hear God’s message; that they would realize their eternal home is with the Heavenly Father through Christ. John 14:1-4 , yet, there must be a forfeiting of self, of all this world and this life could ever offer, a true heart surrender and true acceptance of all that Jesus offers of Himself.Matt 16:24-27. Our intercession for those in Haiti must be no different that our own heart cry for ourselves…that they would become undone before God..realizing nothing and no one else will do! Jesus alone IS the Shepherd and Guardian of their souls! In Jesus name!
Lets remember to pray for one another as well. The army in Christ that stands together, stays strong together! (like a spiritual garrison)Would you pray for me? I am having trouble with my eyes. Pain and trouble seeing (past three days).
Reaching ALL nations for Jesus. – Julianna Hab 2:14″ 

Hope In Haiti is teaming with Global Training Network to utilize their pastor training resources and vast experience in training pastors around the world. Joel is blessed in an amazing way in his speaking skills and in his life in general. We are very thankful to have him with us. Grace and Brandon Gloor will be spending some time in prayer and in meetings seeking God’s will as to their mission assignment and if Haiti is where they should serve. Please pray for insight, wisdom and discernment.

The snow has begun to fall again. It is so calm outside and if you are quiet and still you can actually hear the flakes land. Have you ever been that quiet? Have you ever heard the still small voice? I pray that today you will have a time of peace to hear God’s voice.

Peace this day – Tony

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