Six Americans climb off the plane in Port au Prince Thursday. Read the details on who, why, and how to pray.


What will it take to bring spiritual transformation to the people of Haiti who are tossed and turned by a destitute economy, political instability, and the darkness of voodoo? Their lives are rocked by poverty, disease, hopelessness, and certainty of early death.In the midst of it all are a handful of Haitian pastors and teachers who want to bring the life-changing power of Christ to the people. This week, a team from Hope In Haiti will make the trek across the Haitian soil to Dessalines and Nan Wo to join those men and take part in the spiritual awakening that is happening in the Artibonite Valley by God’s grace.
After landing Thursday, Dixie, Joel, Isaac, Brandon, Grace, and Ashley will take part in the culmination of Pastor Louinet’s week-long series of community meetings in the town square of Dessalines this Friday. Joel will speak to the townspeople about who Jesus really is, and follow that up with an all-day pastor’s training conference on Saturday to help equip the local Christian leaders to share God’s Word effectively with their own people, which he does as part of Global Training Network. In addition to the training time, the team will take the opportunity to visit and encourage the local believers and Hope In Haiti sponsored school children.

Please pray for God’s blessing on the town square meeting and the Saturday pastor training conference. Pray for insight, safety, strength, and joy for the team.

Stay tuned for live updates from us in Haiti, sent to you from Tony Robinson, Vice President of Hope In Haiti.

For the rest of the team,

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