January Team Update 1/15/12

The latest news from the front lines of the work of Hope in Haiti, live from Nan Wo and Marchand Desallines.

I just received the following text from the team. There was a bit of a time gap but the news is good. It sounds like there has been lots of prayer as was hoped. I have heard from others that the team is indeed very tired as they have been running full speed since they hit the ground. It sounds like long nights and living on God’s word. Even in the excitement of feeding on God’s word our bodies that live in a broken world do need rest. As they ask please pray for that rest and for protection from disease and infection as their tired bodies will strain to remain strong.

“Joel spoke to a full house today at church about the four promises of God. Very challenging and very well received. Also Joel prayed over the newly formed pastor leadership committee, Brandon prayed over the youth team, and Dixie prayed over Pastor Louinet. Joel had the opportunity to pray for several children and others being dedicated to God. Pastor L is feeling sick but still went ahead to tonight’s meeting in Dessalines. The team is tired and resting tonight as they pack. Please pray for health for Pastor L and for the team to have safe unhindered travel. Please also pray for the country of Haiti as the Rah Rah season heats up.”

Rah Rah is a dark shadow of was at one time Lent and has morphed into something more like the Mardi Gras you see on TV, with a healthy dose of Voo Doo. It is a dark time in the country as you hear pounding rhythmic drums for hours on end. Again a reminder of the darkness that remains in this country. Please pray for the new Christian believers, pray for a healthy amount of protection and for a support network of other believers to circle around them.

The team will be heading back to Port Au Prince and then coming home in the next days. Please pray for safe travel home.

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