Third Update

I just received word from Dixie via text. We are working our way into the 21st century!

She was excited to let us know the team had a great day. They kept themselves busy updating information on the school kids in Nan Wo (Dixie thinks they got through half the kids), visiting many of the childrens’ homes and fixing the well again. Apparently the rat population is improving, not a good thing for the team’s sleeping quarters. She has asked for prayers regarding the vermin.

Dixie sends thanks for the many prayers from all of you and encourages you all to continue to pray for the people of Haiti and the team.

If you haven’t taken time to fast, now would be a good time. Starbucks, video games, chocolate (that’s asking a lot), wearing two pair of socks, TV or food (one meal or a whole day), anything that will help you focus on prayer for the team and the people of Haiti. Remember fasting is designed as a voluntary denial of a normal activity for spiritual purposes. It is a joyful and a spiritually mature action. Read: Matt 6:16-18, and the eleven prior verses too, also the activities surrounding Acts 13:3 and the sending off of missionaries.

Until the next update,

Tony Robinson
VP, Hope In Haiti
Acts 1:

One thought on “Third Update”

  • Dear family, I am so excited each time I hear word of your daily walk through Haiti. The children must be just thrilled and beyond. Oh I can only imagine them! Thank you for the readings of Matthew 6. I so love how he instructs His children for spiritual nourishment and humility. He walks before you, beside you, above and below. He lets nothing occur without His nod. May your every moment be a blessing to all you are with and are serving. We love you…but our perfect God made you.

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