Team home safe and sound – final update!

As Grace announced the team is back in the states, and doing fine. This trip was a huge success in strengthening relationships not only of the team members but the relationships between “Blanc” and Haitian. As God’s children when we suffer together we grow together. New connections were made and old bonds were reinforced. God is with us as we serve the people of Haiti.

A final update from Dixie in her words, “

I am sitting at the table in Byron and Shelley’s house.  We had a wonderful dinner (of course) and a shower and have packed to return first thing in the morning.  I am humbled by everyone’s prayers back home and want you to seriously thank them for me.  The trip has gone well and we accomplished all that we had wanted to do.  Relationships have grown deeper.  The upper room is a work in progress, but really looking nice.  One bathroom is tiled and the honeymoon suite is also tiled.  There are now actual glass louvered windows in all the rooms which allows much more light.  Hopefully we took pictures which show how nice it looks.

Would love to drill a deep well. The well was broken once again, but we got help from men at the orphanage – just happened to be well guys there again.  It was more serious than before.  They said no one should be drinking that water.  We need to go down about 80 feet.”

To all of you who kept up, thank you for all your prayers and keeping up to date on all the postings. This was our first effort to have live updates from a team in country and it was a HUGE success. I am truly thankful for all the more technologically advanced people behind the scenes who edited and posted these updates on the Hope In Haiti web site. I look forward to providing opportunities for prayer for future teams.

The world may indeed be shrinking as we increase our technology but the physical, spiritual and relational distances are not faring so well, in fact some are increasing. Please make an effort to shrink those distances, it’s not hard, it just takes action. God is so close to you and so are the families sleeping on the dirt floors of homes made of mango wood and palm leaves in the Dessalines area. Please keep visiting the web site, viewing the photos and praying for your brothers and sisters in Haiti.


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