Greetings from Haiti

August 1st – Port au Prince

Greetings from Haiti! After spending a week in Nan Wo with Pastor Louinet and the camp kids, we are excited and worn out. Excited for what God is doing in the lives of the Haitian youth we worked with, and tired because of the amount of energy it took.

Our week started with Zach Day sharing a message to Louinet’s church and our whole team sharing music as part of the church service. We loved absorbing the cross-cultural aspects of the Body of Christ in Haiti! On Monday the campers started arriving, and we began breaking off into workshops on Tuesday. Our days were filled with weaving, bead-making, sports, music, health science, and even church repair. In between we got to experience the drenching power of summer rains in Haiti, which arrived like clockwork every afternoon. By Friday the camp ended and we were immeasurably blessed by the gratitude all the campers showed as they individually walked up to us and thanked us. We
were sorry to see them go, and many left with tears.

Now we have transitioned to Port au Prince to help with English Camp, a summer ministry our friends put on for children in the neighborhood that offers positive, Christ-oriented education and activities for kids ages 5-14.

Urgent Prayer Need: Tropical Storm Emily is now aimed directly at this island and it is only a matter of when and how badly it will effect us. The main threat is intense rainfall that may hinder or stop the camp from functioning and cause local flooding. Please pray that the Lord will spare us from major effects of Tropical Storm Emily.

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