Note from Dixie on Trip…

The team returned late Wednesday night.  We are all fine and catching up.  The trip was not what we had expected as we were not able to go into the mountains of Kawo due to hurricane Tomas.  But we worked in Nan wo  instead, visiting families of the school, passing out antibacterial soap, water filters, and water purification tablets.  Although we were only on the edges of the hurricane, the rain was incredible – possibly at least 6 inches one night.  Cholera is alive and spreading.  So sobering to visit two hospitals – one in Dessalines and the other in St. Michelle.  Please pray for Celiantane, the mother of children in the school.  She is currently in the Dessalines’s hospital with cholera.  Only two days ago I was with her when she brought her little girl Anya home from the hospital.  She was so excited knowing she was bringing her daughter home.  Now her mother is sick.  Another mother in our school has died  Again, please be in prayer.   Thank you to all of you who remembered us in prayer.  God continues to be so faithful.

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