Cholera information

Prayer Warriors and the October 2010 team,

From the CDC, World Health Organization and Mayo Clinic:

In short: stay healthy, wash your hands, drink treated (chemically, thermally or filtered) or bottled water only, don’t eat raw veggies or fruits (and Brandon you can forget about sushi on this trip.), don’t consume local ice, use hand sanitizer, stay hydrated (the best and easiest treatment), keep up your electrolytes, don’t be afraid just be careful and pray. And we will pray for you.

Water treatment: Chemical-iodine or chlorine tablets; follow the directions and be very vigilant to not contaminate your drinking containers. Thermal-bring the water to a boil for drinking (the acid in tea and coffee helps too.) Physical filtering– remove the bacteria and other harmful bugs with a good portable water filter; again be incredibly vigilant with the containers you filter into. Don’t just rinse them out with regular water then filter into them. Clean them with boiled water or treated water only. Don’t touch the rims with wash cloths or unsanitized hands.

(Pack jars of hand sanitizer in two to three layers of heavy duty zip-lock type bags while in you checked luggage. You never know when they might leak with the air pressure at 30,000 feet.)

Please ready the above links for accurate info on the disease.

We will be with the team in prayer,


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