Team leaving for Haiti this Thursday…

We have a team leaving for Haiti this Thursday September 30th and returning October 8th. Dixie is leading the team and six people are going.  They will be visiting Hope in Haiti’s Nan Wo school and church, doing a medical clinic, possibly teaching healthcare and of course visiting all of Hope in Haiti’s school children and updating their photos and information.  Here are some thoughts from Dixie just two days before she leaves again… “I would love for people to bathe us in prayer.  We have ideas of what we want to accomplish, but so much more than that I desire for relationships to be built, for hearts to be touched, and for lives to be changed.  Pray for safe travel, no sickness.  Pray for unity of team members.   Pray for God’s grace during the entire trip.  Pray that when we see someone thirsty we can give him a cup of water in the name of Jesus.  Pray that our hearts are filled with His song and we come back refreshed instead of worn out. Once again, I’m thankful for this opportunity to go and am so thankful for the support of all of those involved in HOPE in Haiti.”

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