Want to go to Haiti???

Want to go to Haiti? HIH Fall 2010 Trips…

Nan Wo October 7th -15th

This trip will visit our Nan Wo church and school in the valley of Dessalines. The purpose of this trip is to

meet with the 150 children that attend HIH’s Nan Wo school, take their photo and update their

information.  We will also have several nurses with us and will be conducting a medical clinic several

days. Some constructions projects may be scheduled depending on team members. We will be tent

camping with outside shower and bathroom facilities.

Kawo November 1st week

The purpose of this trip is to meet with about 350 children that attend HIH’s Kawo school, take their

photo and update their information. We also hope to visit many of the families in the surrounding

mountains and write down their stories. We will be backpacking and bathing in the outdoor stream.

With national geographic views along the way, Kawo is a 13 mile, 10 hour hike gaining 3500 feet of

elevation in the 100 degree heat and humidity.  It is worth it and you can do it. 🙂

*All ages and skill levels needed! If you love people we need your help! All trips cost $1100. This covers airfare,

transportation, food and all living expenses while in Haiti.  Never been to a third world nation? It will change your life!

Contact me at info@hopeinhaiti.org for more info!


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