June Newsletter

Greetings friends,

We’ve decided to continue with the monthly newsletters as I feel out of touch with many of you.  Blogging just doesn’t take the place of the updates each month, plus how many of you have checked the HOPE in Haiti blog?   So you will have to put up with me once again on a monthly basis.

We have been doing presentations for HOPE in Haiti in several different middle school classrooms, elementary assemblies, two college classrooms at Western, Echo Glenn Children’s Center and soon one at Cascade’s children’s classes.  I’m not a speaker and honestly go through anxiety when asked to come and share, but with the help of those involved in HIH and confidence from the Lord, I feel so privileged to be apart of this work and hopefully can share what stirs my heart deeply.  After each presentation, I am the one who is truly blessed.  I come away with renewed hope and excitement for our work with the children and families in Haiti.  I thank all the kids here who have given time, car washes, money, t-shirts, and school supplies. Giving makes one so rich!

This has been a difficult spring for me personally and  I was not able to go on two of the team trips in February and April because of family related issues.  Many of you know how difficult it was to send those teams off and not be a part of them. But they had fantastic trips and I am so proud of each person who went. 

The April trip was fast and furious.  The team of 8 arrived in Port au Prince, traveled up to Dessalines, then departed the next morning for Kawo.  Some of you have experienced this 7 hour hike deep into the mountains of Haiti.  It’s not for the faint of heart!  They took pictures, updating information for 400ish children and helped build some school desks.  Then quickly back down the mountain they came, participating at the end of a week long celebration at the church in Nan wo and a baptism that marched  while singing through the town of Dessalines.  One of the team members Nate was baptized along with many other Haitians in the spring called La Source (La Soos).  Pastor Aaron Day helped Pastor Louinet with the baptisms.  When I take teams (or send them) we want not only to help with projects, but to feed the poor, visit the widows and help the orphans.  The biblical idea of serving is what we desire to accomplish. 

I hope to take two trips down this fall with teams – one to Nan wo and one to Kawo again.  Please pray and see if you are to become apart of one of these teams and contact us.  I am so thankful for your continued support.  So many lives are being touched by your love and faithfulness. 

“Many a man claims to have unfailing love, but a faithful man who can find?” Proverbs 20:6



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