Serving in Haiti Now…

Hmmm… Tiredness is setting in, but today was a great day. Perhaps in part, because yesterday was really tough.

Yesterday was the third day of scraping, wire-brushing and applying oil paint via brush and roller onto two buildings. But that wasn’t the tough part. It was the naked, humid heat on top of the work. Oh… and the fact that I was swollen from being eaten alive by mosquitoes the night before. Yes, I was actually swollen. At least my left hand/wrist and my right shoulder were. I’ve never been so miserable by mosquito bites.

After I finally took a shower, and I made my way over to Heartline’s makeshift hospital. They gave me some benadryl and chloroquine, and I took some ibuprofen for good measure when I got home.

But a word on the hospital. Heartline took one of its buildings that had formerly been used as a babies’ home and then for women’s programs, and they set up rooms for triage, treatment/surgery, and administration/pharmacy. Outside, they hung and draped tarps to make a recovery area. The nurses take 12 hour shifts. I’m not sure how the doctors are scheduled. Heartline’s hospital share/trade patients with 3 other hospitals depending on patient needs. Also, 3 days a week, EMT’s, PA’s and paramedics go out on “The Truck” to different neighborhoods/slums to pick up the injured and sick. They also to take patients who are recovered enough back home.

It’s impressive work with equally impressive and fun people. The community is an odd assortment of people from across the States who have come together to serve. I was sad to see my original team head back home leaving Nick and I, but this new group of servants have been a blessing to work with. Part of our crew’s responsibilities is hosting/making dinner for everyone, so breaking bread at night is a hoot.

But back to today. It was great. Rainy season is starting so last night’s rain helped cool the heat-drenched city. Then the cloud cover kept the temperature nice and balmy. This morning was spent doing various chores/projects because we had run out of paint… short sightedness on my part, but it turned into a well-needed change of pace. After lunch and the paint’s arrival, we scraped and wire-brushed some more and got back to painting. We got a good deal done and wrapped up the day with a good bit of joy all around.

And a word on the “we.” We, as far as my work goes, is mainly a group of bible college kids from Cannon Beach school called Ecola. They’re a great bunch of “kids” who have servant attitudes and good work ethics. My rotating group of gals have never complained about the inglorious work of painting, finishing two buildings and we are now working on part of the hospital. We’ll finish the section of the hospital and start second coat tomorrow.

Well this is plenty long. Thanks again for your love and prayers. Grace and shalom.


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