Spring Update from Dixie

Dearest Friends,

As you can see, we are changing the website hopeinhaiti.org and hopefully it will be even easier to view things.  We have added a blog and will try to keep it updated frequently.  So please, visit this site to learn more.

Our last team that went down in February was fabulous.  They stayed in tents next to the church/school in Nan Wo and were fed Haitian food twice a day.  A flushing toilet (when water is poured in the back tank) was installed the day the team arrived for their use.  They worked incredibly hard preparing the ground, putting in re-bar, and pouring cement for the floor of the church/school.  I hear it is absolutely beautiful.  The local people have continued to float the walls of the cement block interior and exterior.  It is almost ready for painting.  This dream, then the foundation all began in 2006.  Four years later, it is nearing completion, although a second room is being put on top for teams to stay in and groups to meet in.

We also had two nurses on this team and they set up our first medical clinic, seeing about 200 people in 3 days. Fantastic! I thank each of you who have contributed to this building.  It is in constant use, even now, and will serve the community well.  Most of our team returned home tired but inspired.  I am so blessed by these folks.

John Montgomery (alias Jackie Chan – a story in itself) and Nick Hvattum (alias St. Nick) stayed behind when the team left with Heartline Ministries in Port au Prince.

The next team will be leaving the evening of Easter Sunday.  They will be hiking up into the mountains to take new photos of 400 children and updating their information.  This is a huge task, so please be praying for them.  Also, the children have no desks in this very rural school.  We have sent some money ahead to buy materials and have them taken into the mountains.  This team will attempt to begin building desks.  These desks are narrow benches about 4 feet long with a table narrow table-like structure attached.  Four children will sit at one desk. These will also be used for their church services, meetings, etc.  The team will be camping, filtering water, and eating Haitian food….. and it’s a long, hard hike in.  Please be in much prayer for their health, unity and ability to accomplish much in the heat and primitive conditions. 

Again, I encourage you to visit this site often and keep updated with what is happening.  Thank for everything you have given toward earthquake relief.  I thank the Girl Scouts for collecting food, the schools with their coin drives, and all the individuals for their generous, generous gifts.  May you be so blessed knowing that you have helped those in need.



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