Working in Haiti post earthquake…

Our team of left yesterday. Yes indeed we have been planning and waiting to get a group of folks down to help/serve/survey. It will be a strong and young group of servants. Led by the best Hope in Haiti has to send. The human side of this is that we worry; “Can we make it happen?, Do we have what it takes? Can we do this ourselves? Is cheese in a spray can really cheese?” Well the first two I can’t answer but to say God is in control and the third, well even He may question. Seriously though, the questions are valid and universal, “Can I make it happen (life)?, Do I have what it takes to do (whatever is before YOU)?, Can I (we) do this?”………..Let me help. NO YOU CAN’T! (but He can) that is the beauty of the whole thing, meaning everything. Even Christ said, “The poor you will always have with you…” and He too, will always be with you. You just need to TURN to Him, He is right there the whole time. “I found Christ.” is the statement we hear. And yet it is almost silly, because He has always been right there waiting for us to TURN to Him. HE IS THERE, right beside you ALWAYS. For those who have surrendered you are forever in the palm of his gentle and loving hand, for those who continue to search…. well just turn and look, He is there. Yes you can find Him but you won’t have to look far. Look into your heart, that always seems to be the place He starts….or at least finds us at our true selves………..So now on to how you at home in your 72 degree offices with adjustable chairs can help. (BTW , I am one of you.) PRAY. Pray for safety, pray for security, pray for the the enemy to be thwarted in his efforts to prevent our team from doing the task before them, pray for the children, pray for the Pastor, pray for safe water and food (we here in the States are not ready for the culinary creativity to be experienced), pray for those who are to experience Haiti for the first time, pray for those staying here who want so desperately to be there, pray for wisdom, direction and clarity and pray for whatever else the Spirit of God leads you to. But please pray. The Word is our Sword and PRAYER is our conversation with the one true God………………………….Now it is time for my EMT background to kick in. The health situation is grim. We (Snohomish County Fire District 1) are connected with a team who are reporting the following: disease is starting to ramp up. Dysentery and water purity are major issues. It will not ease back. Sorry, but the cold hard truth is that it will get worse before it gets better. Disease will (and is) take(ing) more lives. I believe the health and survival will be a similar to the aftermath of the WWII Falaise Pocket. Pray, pray, pray, and after that pray more. The country has historically been given over to the enemy (ie Voodoo) but in the last few weeks a surge of True Faith has been seen. (Let God be praised.) Please pray for the people, the leaders, the servants (both pubic and private), the missionaries, the civilians, and the UN ambassadors. The harvest is indeed plentiful and our workers are ready.

Please pray,


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